The last student visit to Hannover Medical School


Starting from October 2021 till the end of March 2022, Vitalie Cobzac, Ph.D student from Moldova has visited the Leibniz Research Laboratories for Biotechnology and Artificial Organs (LEBAO) at Hannover Medical School in Germany. 

During his stay, Vitalie was familiarized with a series of techniques and best practices in the field of tissue characterization and cells differentiation with different methods. He has performed histochemical staining, Western blotting of type I collagen extracted from porcine Achilles tendon, Immunohistochemistry, chondrocyte differentiation from bone marrow mesenchymal stem cells, cartilage vitrification and other exciting experiments related to tissue engineering and cells culturing techniques.

Besides the lab training, Vitalie participated in other activities at LEBAO, as the weekly Journal Club where he presented one paper, group meetings, progress reports and other invited lectures given b researchers from MHH or abroad.

Returning home, Vitalie shared his experience with his colleagues, during an enlarged meeting at the National Center for Materials Study and Testing at the Technical University of Moldova, on May 6, 2022. He presented the scientific results he managed to obtain during his stay at the Hannover Medical School.  „NanoMedTwin is not just a project for experience exchange, due to the spirit of collegiality, respect and friendship within LEBAO and NIFE I had the unique opportunity to make new and valuable contacts with whom to develop a longstanding collaboration, especially in the field of molecular biology and cryopreservation of articular cartilage”, said Vitalie.

During the same meeting that was organized both onsite and online, a roundtable discussion occurred with all the students that are currently following their own training programme in the laboratories at partner institutions: Vadim Morari – Joint Research Center (Ispra, Italy), Mihail Batîri – Bristol University (UK), Tatiana Galatonova and Simon Busuioc who are doing a part of their master thesis at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm (Sweden). The students presented briefly their programme and challenges.