Student visits to Joint Research Center in Ispra, Italy continue


During the period 02.04.2021 to 30.07.2021, PhD student Vlad Ciobanu from National Center for Materials Study and Testing, UTM, had a visit to Joint Research Center in Ispra, Italy where he continued the previous investigations on nanoparticles-protein and nanoparticles-cell culture medium interaction.

Additional to the previous results on the characterization of the formed nanoparticles-protein corona complexes, he also studied the affinity and kinetics of the proteins on different types of nanoparticles by using home modified version of SPR biochips. The cytotoxicity of the selected nanoparticles was also investigated on skin cells. In the last day of stay in Ispra, Vlad presented his results on the online Unit meeting where the obtained results were discussed.

Upon arrival, Vladimir made a detailed presentation of his results and activities during the stay at JRC, in a seminar organized with the participation of the NCMST team of Professors, researchers, and students.

During the meeting there were discussed also the working plans for the following two students who will visit JRC in autumn 2021, Stefan Cojocari and Vitalie Procopciuc, both PhD students at State University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Moldova. Stefan is planning to acquire experience in the investigation of living cells interaction with nanoparticles, while Vitalie will focus on physical characterizations of amniotic membrane threads embedded with nanoparticles.