International Conference „Nanotechnologies and Biomedical Engineering” ICNBME 2019 - high-impact event


Republic of Moldova is hosting during 18-21 September 2019 the IVth  edition of the International Conference on Nanotechnologies and Biomedical Engineering (ICNBME-2019). The event was organised by the Technical University of Moldova, Academy of Sciences of Moldova, State Medical and Pharmaceutical University „Nicoale Testemițanu” and Bioemedical Engineering Society from Moldova. The event aims to encourage the exchange of knowledge and expertise at the intersection of nanotechnologies and biomedical engineering, as well as new opportunities for the use of nanotechnologies and nanomaterials in medicine. 

The conference was preceded by the Autumn School in Nanotechnologies and Biomedical Engineering, both events financially supported by the H2020 NanoMedTwin project. 

The conference gathered about 200 participants, among them 70 prominent scientists from 20 countries, like Germany, France, the USA, Japan, Greece, Romania, Russian Federation, Belarus, Armenia, Georgia, Ukraine etc. ICNBME is the only conference organised in the Republic of Moldova, with proceedings indexed by Scopus, thus ensuring global visibility of the research achievements. 

The conference has been widely promoted and covered in mass-media:

Website of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova: Cele mai recente elaborări în domeniile Nanotehnologiilor și Ingineriei Biomedical, discutate la Chișinău, în cadru unui for științific internațional (Up-to-date achievements in Nanotechnology and Biomedical Engineering discussed in Chisinau, during the international scientific forum)

National TV channel TRM: Mesager din 20 septembrie (min 12:44) (News bulletin from Sept 20)

Website of the Technical University of Moldova UTM: ICNBME-2019: aprecieri, perspective (ICNBME 2019: achievements, perspectives)

Website of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova: A fost semnat un Acord de colaborare ştiinţifică între Academia de Ştiinţe a Moldovei şi Universitatea Shizuoka din Japonia (Scientific collaboration agreement has been signed between the Academy of Sciences of Moldova and Shizuoka University from Japan)

News portal Conferință internațională „Nanotechnologies and Biomedical Engineering”: „Trebuie să valorificăm potențialul uman” (International Conference ICNBME: we have to capitalise the human potential)

News portal Studenții Universității Academiei de Științe vor putea participa la schimburi de experiență în Japonia  (Students from the University of the Academy of Sciences of Moldova will have the possibility to exchange visits in Japan

The conference has been streamed online